Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is it legal to place advertising flyers in people mailboxes?

It is illegal...

you know what you can do? put a sticker on your mailbox and scare them with this quote or something like it:
"It is unlawful for any non USPS person to open the mailbox of any citizen, so please refrain from doing it because I will Report it to the authorities"

Actually it worked for me.... :)
Nope. Just US Mail
No. It is illegal to place anything in a US mailbox except mail.
No, only USPS delivery persons are allowed to place items in a residential mailbox.
No, but you can place them in dog mailboxes all day long.
no its not but you could it between the doors of the house
NO, nothing but U.S. postal is allowed in the mail box, and it may carry a felloney offence
Not directly, no. It's against federal law (as in, it's a crime) for anyone but an employee of the USPS to mess around with someone else's mailbox. .

If you drop off a birthday card, nobody's going to bust you up about it. If you start putting fliers in peoples' mailboxes, and someone reports you (or if the mail carrier sees them), you just might get a call from the USPS's enforcement arm (badge- and gun-carrying federal agents with arrest powers).

If you must hand out fliers, leave them on doorsteps, not in mailboxes.
no it is illegal to place anything other than mail in a mailbox.What u have to do is fold Ur flayer and put it in between the flag and the box.
No. It's a federal offense to do so.

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