Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is it illegal to take things from a dumpster from a store such as Kmart or Walmart?

I live in Pennsylvania and a few stores near my house always throw out display models and stuff like that but there isn't any signs or locks on the dumpster saying you can't take it. One time a person at store said they were going to have me arrested but I wanted to know if it would be illegal to look in the other dumpsters? Also could you give my your source? Thanks
There is no specific law prohibiting “dumpster diving” in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If the dumpster is locked or marked warning no trespassing, however, the practice would be prohibited.
Fishing through other people's trash is probably an invasion of privacy. Fishing through the trask of a retail establishment is probably a violation of some health code.
I think trash is public

one mans trash is another's eBay sale item
I have no source but trash is trash, and as a saying goes one mans trash is another mans treasure just try to think of it that way
I don't know - but I can't see a problem with it as the storeno longer wants the stuff
I didn't look it up or anything, but i would say no, beacause if someone is throughing something away that means they either don't want it or don't need it anymore... right? so if you wanted it and they don't i would think you could take w/ getting in trouble...
The dumpster is private property. It is owned (or rented) by the store in question. Yes, they can have you arrested for trespassing on private property. I worked a part-time job at Sears and when some merchandise (i.e. camcorders) would become obsolete, we would crush them in the dumpster. We didn't want to sell the merchandise at a loss and keep someone from buying a brand new camcorder at full price.
I'm guessing that they don't care about your taking things as much as they care about the liability issues if you are injured getting stuff out. As far as I know, what's in the trash is effectively public.
It is on their Private Property, it is illegal. If it was sitting outside the boundry , on side of road, public domain, then it is not illegal to take it. Call City Hall, they will tell you the same thing.
i don't think it's illegal. and even if it is, no cop is going to arrest you for dumpster diving. the worst thing that could happen is that someone would simply tell you to stop. good luck finding some treasures.
Yes, it is illegal to remove items or things from a dumpster from any store such as Kmart, Walmart, Safeway. The items is still on their property it still belong to them. You must get the manager permission to remove the item from their dumpster that sit on their property.

Ask a lawyer on this subject matter, there are some court case have proved when someone taken things for dumpster of other without their permission. They have found themselves going to court on stealing charges, the judge found them guilty of stealing. So the best safe bet to do is ask if you can have it, than you take it.
No, not illegal, once the item has been discarded in the trash it is considered abandon property and free for the taking. However, their may be trespass issues if you are on the store property when the store is not otherwise open for business.

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